Olu Jegede, the founder of Jegede Real Investment, has been a private investor in real estate for over a decade. Recently, fueled by his desire to create opportunities that would free him from conventional income streams and would give him increased control of his finances, he birthed the vision of Jegede Real Investment. Simply stated, it’s about experiencing the power of partnership. Olu Jegede leverages his experience in real estate investing by finding, brokering and managing selective income real estate to benefit his investors. In doing so, Jegede Real Investment is able to generate monthly income revenue, as well as equity capital over the years. Truly a win-win situation for investors. Please read carefully through our website and contact Olu Jegede for more information.

1. Solid track record
- two personal homes turned investment
- demonstrated profitability with sale of properties
- current portfolio of six properties

2. Significant experience in selecting properties

3. Hands-on management

4. Professionally trained
- acquired thousands of dollars in investment training
- Member of a national network with over 12 000 investors with access to up-to-date research and market analysis

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